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Photo Booths
Bespoke photo booth
Ideal for corporate or Red carpet event
Loaded with all the gadgets.
Includes wind machine
Touch Screen activated
Customizable (at an additional cost) with your unique covering
Changeable backdrops to a range of colours.
Holds up to 4 people
Booth size when set up: approx 1.2m (W) x 1.8m (L) x 2.0m (H)
Our most popular booth
Stylish walnut solid structure
Ideal for weddings and red carpet events.
Modern spin on a traditional photo booth.  
Fits up to ten people comfortably.
We can transport the Classic Booth almost anywhere
Changeable backdrops if required
Booth size when set up: approx 1.2m (W) x 2.1 (L) x 2.0m (H)
This booth is ideal for big gatherings - it does everything the same as the other booths but we can fit unlimited amount of people in front of the camera as we use a backdrop.

Ideal for Deb’s, 21st, in fact whenever the numbers are big. Each booth is equipped with the latest technology and are simple to operate.


What's included with a PictureBooth.ie package:

FREE Setup and take down!* (Not included in your hours. You get the full  amount of hours you signed up for of Photo Booth Fun!)
FREE UNLIMITED amount of photos! As many pictures on the night as you can take!
FREE multiple prints! One for your book and one for your guests!
FREE Placement of your graphics on the bottom of each photo strip! Personalised image format. This means you can add your company logo/website address/personal details to the surround of the 4-picture set.
FREE use of our prop box!
FREE DVD with all of your event’s pictures! DVD of all of your pictures in high resolution, so that you can print them whenever you want to.
FREE Full-time Booth Buddy. The Booth Buddy is available for the duration of your event to make sure everything runs smoothly. They will also encourage your guests to get involved and have their picture taken for your album.
We set up the picture booth at a time convenient to you, and we will take it all apart at the end of the night when you are ready.
FREE Password protected on-line web gallery! We will include your event pictures on our website for your guest, so that they can browse through the images of the event at their leisure. This section on our website will be password protected, so that the only people who can view them are your guests.


The following additional options are also available:

Duplicate Images
Copies of all of the images taken at your event are available in duplicate on CD if required
Memory Book - Leather bound guest book with pens and glue’s provided!
This unique gift allows guests to sign the book beside their picture, a fantastic keepsake of the event
USB Keys with duplicate photos
Oorder as many as you like on a USB key and pass them on to selected guests
Picture Backdrop Colours
Black, white, red, purple, blue, what is your preference? Change the colour in the photo backdrop
Props available
Always fun, we can provide a range of props to create a bit more fun, be it seasonal or otherwise
Branded Images
If you require, we can add your logo, personal information, website address on your 4-picture sets
  Gift Vouchers
The picture booth is an ideal gift, especially for someones wedding!





Q. How does the booth work?
It's very simple really. Your guests step inside and we do everything else. PictureBooth.ie will provide a Booth Buddy on the night who will take care of everything. Your guest step inside, the Booth Buddy takes the pictures, and your guest receives a copy of the pictures a few seconds later.

Q. Can you get a copy of pictures from the event?
Absolutely. A copy is provided only a few seconds after the picture has been taken. They are a great keepsake for your event guests.

Q. How many images can the picture booth take?
As many as you like. That's right, we will provide as many pictures for you as you can find guests to fill the booth!

Q. Do you bring the booth to the event?
Yes, we will arrive prior to the event and set up teh booth for you, and when your event has finished, we will take it away again.

Q. What size is the picture booth?
It is the size of a standard picture booth measuring approximately 1 metre x 2 metres.

Q. What if I want more copies of the pictures?
We will provide you with high resolution copies of all pictures taken on a CD after the event, which you can print at any time.

Q. Can I add my logo to the pictures?
Sure. On the 4-picture set which prints out moments after the picture has been taken, we can add your logo, website address, personal details. In fact, we can add just about anything you want to the surround of the 4-picture sets.

Q. Where can I see the images?
After your event, we will add all of your images to a password protected area of our website.

Q. Where do you rent the picture booth in Ireland?
Anywhere at all.

Q. What happens if something goes wrong at the event?
We will provide a 'booth buddy' for your event who will take care of everything. They will attend to your guests, encourage their participation, and are technically capable of dealing with any issue that may arise.

Q. How long can I rent the booth for?
We rent the booth by the day, so you can have it for as long as you like.

Q. Do our guests have to pay for their photos?
No. All pictures taken at your event are included with the rental.